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Time Will Tell Reviews

‘Time Will Tell’ could be considered a minor independent concept album masterpiece. This is no run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter album. It is a big-budget sounding ELO meets Coldplay meets Arcade Fire meets Muse train-spotting sonic joyride..."
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-Jaimie Vernon - Cashbox Magazine


"Lovers of Pop will likely be pleased—if not downright smitten—by "Time Will Tell,” the third independent release by Vancouver-born Dave Stephens...." - Read Full Review
- Marie Zapien - Freelance Journalist

"His melodic rock music has a suitably raw edge." - "...Dave can rock out and writes a mean tune." - Bob Osborne - Aural Delights Blog & Salford City Radio

"Shredder guitar, booming drum backbeats and cynical lyrics are the staples of Time Will Tell... - The strength of Dave Stephens music lies in the arrangements, the songwriting and his guitar playing." - Riveting Riffs Magazine

"...well done, meticulously crafted and performed. Among the tracks that I liked right away is “Tragedy”, a picture-perfect powerpop tune with plenty of crunchy guitar bouncing through the melody". "there are several tunes on “Time Will Tell” that won’t disappoint." - Bills Music Forum

"Time Will Tell is Stephens’ third album and suffice to say that Stephens is that rarest of breeds – the loving care and respect with which he treats the musical legacy that frames his work sends chills down my spine. Stylistically, Stephens distills the music of the 60s/70s and imbues his own personal take on what pop-rock music should be..." "... Highly recommended." - read full review
- Kevin Mathews - PowerOfPop.com

"...Stephens skills as a songwriter are secure with the excellent "Tragedy" and moving ballads like "Peace Of Mind." The rocking "Josephine" is another highlight..." "...A strong solid effort...." -Aaron Kupferberg - powerpopaholic.com


Kind Words about Stories For Copper...

“…what is most striking and makes this album hang around long after the lights are turned off is that Stephens knows his way around a song, taking his cues equally from McCartney, Lennon and Harrison and, principally, writing on piano. This songs would hold up if it they were just voice and piano, even though they are full embellished with instrumental attention. Delicious, slow yet soaring, yet simple melodies all over.”
Bruce Brodeen – Not Lame Recordings

"Stories For Copper" is a melodic and lyrically uplifting release that many Power Pop lovers will absolutely devour.” Whitsbrain.com

“Dave Stephens doesn't just play music, he pours it through your speakers into your head. Each track tells a beautiful story, and it literally embraces you.” - Radio Arizona

“First-rate songs, heavenly harmonies, and an uncomplicated delivery make this one another winner!” – KoolKatMusik.com

“His writing style rivals that of big named musicians while still being able to hold his own and showcase a unique blend of raw emotion. If you're looking for something with a soft, classic vibe with that feel of musicians such as Billy Joel/Elton John/James Taylor/Paul McCartney then your going to like this material.”
– Shipwreck Island Studios


Dave Stephens grew up in a small town 40 miles east of Vancouver, Canada. At age 7 he started playing piano. His ability to play by ear both helped and hindered him in his studies. His piano teacher had to come up with creative ways to teach him to read music as he could play most of his pieces by ear after having read the music only once.

Dave’s early music listening was heavily steeped in ’70’s AM radio, a fact that Dave attests shaped the way he writes his own music “I grew up listening to music in the back seat of my mom’s car. There was a lot of Beatles, Billy Joel and bands like 10CC. It was the AM Gold era.” Dave picked up the guitar at age 15 as in his own words, “Stairway To Heaven never sounded that great on my piano.”- read full bio


Dave Stephens
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Dave Stephens
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Dave Stephens
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